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What is PTE Exam

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Getting a good college, having a good education and then achieving something in their life is everyone’s dream.

All the people are working hard to achieve their dreams; they work whole day and night to get into a good college.

But the competition is very high these days, so there is no guarantee that even with this hard work, you will get your dream college.

So, you can choose another option to get good scores in the PTE exam and then continue your study in good foreign colleges.

But what is PTE? This question can come to your mind.



If I explain in simple words, then PTE is an exam in which a candidate gets scores based on their knowledge of the English language, and these scores help them to get admission in the colleges of English speaking countries.

This is the simplest definition of PTE, but if you want to know in detail about what is PTE, then keep reading this blog till the end.

Because in this blog, I will give you complete information about PTE, its exam format, pte exam preparation,pte practice, pte scorecard so keep scrolling to the end.

Table of Contents

What is PTE?

PTE, whose full form is the Pearson Test of English, is an exam that is attempted by the students of non-English speaking countries who want to join the colleges or universities of English speaking countries.

This is a computer-based English language test that is accepted by many colleges, universities or other educational institutes of many countries.



Pearson Pte conducts this exam. This exam tests the English language skills of their candidate and then gives them scores based on their performances in the test.

Then candidates can apply for the universities or colleges of other countries based on their scores.

You can’t fail or pass this exam; there are no such criteria for this.

But your score will still make a difference in your chances of getting admission to the college or university that you chose.

Every college and university has its own requirement of scores.



Some universities or colleges even select candidates with scores around 57.

And some universities and colleges even reject the candidates with a score of around 62.

So, always try to get as high scores as you can, so you can get your dream university or college.

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What is PTE UKVI?

The Pearson Test of English Academic UKVI is a SELT (Secure English Language Test) that has been approved by the UK home office for all UK visas that require for four-skill language test.



It is the fair, convenient, and fast choice for those who want to study, work, or live in the United Kingdom.

You should remember that the format and content of PTE academic exam are the same as PTE Academic exam.

There is only a minor difference in the registration process.

What Is PTE Home?

This is an English proficiency test which is accepted by the UK home office for family and work visas.

PTE Home A1, A2, and B1 English tests are the three main levels of the PTE Home English test.



When it comes to applying for various family and work visas, these serve a variety of purposes.

What are the Types of the PTE Exam?

If we are talking about what is pte, then it’s my duty to explain the PTE types also.

Most of you probably do not know that the PTE exam has three types; Pearson PTE conducts three types of PTE exam -:

  1. PTE General
  2. PTE Academic
  3. PTE young learners

PTE Young Learners

It is a fun test that can be attempted by children aged between 6 years to 13 years.

This test contains sections like group speaking, board games, story writing, picture matching, etc. The score of this test remains valid for a lifetime.



PTE General

Pearson PTE conducts this test 3 times in a year. This exam is mostly conducted in May, June, and December.

You can check Pearson PTE official website for information about the exact dates of the exam.

This exam has two types of tests: Written Paper and Spoken test; spoken test is like an interview which candidates have to attempt in PTE General.

Based on these two tests, this exam evaluates the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills of the candidate and gives the score to the candidate according to their performance.

The score of this exam has lifetime validity.



But this is not an English proficiency test; you can’t apply for a college on the basis of these exam scores.

Candidates mostly attempt this exam to check their knowledge of the English language.

PTE Academic

This is the most important exam if you want to study in an English speaking country.

You can give this exam any month in the whole year; you can check the exam dates on the official website of Pearson PTE.

This exam has four tests: Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing, and candidates have to get enough scores in all four sections.



It is a computer-based exam; you have to go to the exam centre of Pearson, they will provide you with computers and then you can give your exam.

The validity of the PTE Academic exam is 2 Years.

PTE Exam 2023: Key Highlights

Key Highlights PTE
PTE full form Pearson Test of English
Official Website
Conducting body Pearson PLC Group
Widely popular as English language proficiency test
Generally accepted by Universities in the Canada, Australia, New Zealand And UK
Types of exam PTE Academic, PTE Academic UKVI, PTE General, PTE Home
Mode of exam Online
PTE Fee INR 14,700
Skills Tested English Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading

Important information about PTE Academic Exam

Important information about PTE Academic Exam

Let’s quickly get the information about the PTE academic exam. Below are some questions that most people ask me, with the question what is pte.

I will try my best to answer all the questions in fewer words.

By this, you will get more information in less time and will be able to save your time.



Why take the PTE Exam?

These are some points for Why you should take the PTE exam that I want to share with you in this what is PTE blog -:

  • Many universities in different countries accept the PTE scores.
  • PTE is a computer-based test that AI checks, so you get fair results based on your performance.
  • You can get your PTE exam result within five days.
  • If you want to immigrate to Australia, then having a good PTE score will help you a little in this process.
  • You can prepare for this exam from your home; there are many online methods to do this.

Who accepts PTE Academic Scores?

Many countries’ colleges or universities accept PTE Academic scores.

According to the official website of Pearson PTE, there are more than 3000 colleges or universities that accept PTE academic scores.

You can even check the name of colleges and universities on the official website of Pearson PTE.

This score is also accepted for visa purposes; the governments of Australia, New Zealand, and the UK accept this score.



These are the names of those countries in which colleges or universities accept PTE academic scores.

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • USA

These are some of the countries which accept the PTE academic score.

Many people think that US colleges or universities do not accept PTE academic scores.

But, the US’s leading universities like Yale University, Harvard University accept PTE academic scores.

Eligibility criteria for the PTE Academic Exam?

Eligibility criteria for the PTE Academic Exam

You do not have to follow that many criteria to give the PTE Academic Exam.



The only criteria it has is that the candidate’s age has to be a minimum of 16 years.

Another rule, If the candidate’s age is less than 18 years, then candidates have to give information about parental consent.

Candidates can give this exam as many times as they want.



There is no maximum age barrier also.

For this exam, you have to give basic information about your age, parental consent, grades etc.



Many students give this exam even after 10th to complete their higher studies abroad.

Minimum Age 16 Years
Parental Consent Below 18 Years
Maximum Age No Age Limit

How to register for the PTE Exam?

These are the steps that you have to follow if you want to register yourself for the PTE academic exam -:

  • Create an account on the website.
Sign on pearson pte website
  • After creating and logging in to your account, come to the homepage of the Pearson PTE website.
  • You will see a “book a test” option on the top right side; click on that option.
  • Then, click on “Check Test Availability & Book Test”.
  • Then you will get a search bar to enter the location.
  •  Enter the location at which you want to book your test.
  • You will see all the appointments of your chosen location.
  • Choose an available appointment and click the “book” option. (Check the Time and Date, check if you are comfortable with that time and date)
  • Then, you have to pay the registration fees for your exam.
  • And after paying the fees, your PTE academic exam will be booked.

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What is the Exam Pattern of PTE?

This question is very important for you if you are thinking of attempting the PTE exam.

If you want to get good scores in this exam, then it is very necessary for you to understand the pattern of this exam.



This section will explain the whole Pte exam pattern; this is the most important information that I want to share with you in this exam pattern section.

There are four tests that happen in the PTE exam -:

  1. Speaking
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Listening

PTE Exam Speaking

The first test you have to attempt in your PTE exam is Speaking; you have to perform the following task in your speaking test.

Task Questions Information
Read Aloud In this test, you will usually find 6 to 7 questions. In this, you will be given a textual passage, and you will have 40 seconds to prepare for that passage. And then, you will have another 40 seconds to read the passage aloud.
Repeat Sentence This test usually has 10 to 12 questions. In this, the candidate will hear a recording of a single sentence; the candidate can hear it only once, and after that, their response will start recording.
Describe Image One Image The candidate will see an image in this test; it can be anything like a map, chart, table, etc. The candidate will have 25 seconds to prepare, and then he has to describe that image within 40 seconds.
Retell Lecture One Lecture Candidates will hear a lecture of around 1 minute in this test, and then they have 10 seconds to prepare. After that, they have to tell the lecture’s main points in 40 seconds.
Answer Short Questions This test usually has 5 to 6 questions. In this, candidates will be asked a question, and then they have to answer it in a simple phrase or in a word.

PTE Exam Writing

Task Questions Information
Summarize Written Text This test usually has 1 to  2 questions. In this, candidates will see a textual passage and then they will have 10 minutes to summarize that passage in one sentence.
Write Essay This test usually has 1 to  2 questions. In this, candidates have to write an essay on a given topic in a time limit of 20 minutes.

PTE Exam Reading

Task Questions Information
Fill in Blank (R & W) This test usually has 5 to 6 tasks. In this, candidates will see a passage of around 300 words; there will be some blanks in the passage. When you take your mouse cursor to a blank, you will see four options, and you have to select the most suitable option.
Multiple Choice (Multiple) This test usually has 1 or 2 questions. Candidates will see a textual passage in this of around 200 to 300 words. Candidates will also see a question with 5 to 7 choices, and they have to select the right choice.
Re-order Paragraphs This test usually has 2 or 3 questions. In this test, candidates will have a passage that has some shuffled paragraphs. Candidates have to correct them.
Fill in the Blank (R) In this, candidates will see 4 or 5 passages of around 80 words, with 3 to 5 blanks and 6 to 8 choices.
Multiple Choice (Single) This test usually has 1 or 2 questions. In this, candidates will have a passage of around 100 words, with a question and some choices. Candidates have to select the answer from the choices according to the passage.

PTE Exam Listening

Task Questions Information
Summarize Spoken Test This test usually has 1 to 2 questions. In this test, candidates will hear a lecture and then they have to write a summary of 50 to 70 words for the lecture. Candidate will have around 10 minutes for each question.
Multiple Choice (Multiple) This test usually has 1 or 2 tasks. Candidates will hear a lecture of around 40 seconds to 90 seconds. And then they have to choose 2 or 3 correct options from 5 to 7 options.
Fill in Blank This test usually has 2 or 3 tasks. Candidates will hear an audio clip, and then they will see a passage with blanks and have to fill in the correct words in the blank.
Highlight Correct Summary This test usually has 1 or 2 tasks. Candidates will hear a lecture of around 30 seconds to 90 seconds and then have to choose the correct answer from 3 to 5 options.
Multiple Choice (Single) This test usually has 1 or 2 tasks. Candidates will hear a lecture of around 60 seconds to 90 seconds. And then have to choose a correct option from given choices.
Select Missing Word This test usually has 1 or 2 tasks. Candidates will hear a lecture of 20 seconds to 70 seconds with some blanks, and then they have to choose suitable words for those blanks from 3 to 5 options.
Highlight Incorrect Words This test usually has 2 or 3 tasks. Candidates will hear a audio clip of 15 seconds to 50 seconds, then they will see a textual passage and have to highlight wrongly pronounced words.
Write From Dictation This test usually has 3 or 4 tasks. Candidates will hear a sentence, and then they have to write it down exactly as they hear it.

How to Get PTE Scholarships?

Many students want to do PTE to study abroad, but they fail to do that due to their financial issues.

As we know, we need a lot of money to study abroad to manage our college fees and living expenses.



And a lot of students do not have that much money.

They think it is impossible for them to study abroad; if you also believe that, then you’re mistaken, you can study abroad even if you do not have lakhs of money.

There are many authorities who provide PTE scholarships to deserving students.

It would help if you tried to grab a scholarship; it will help you manage your study and living expenses abroad.

For getting a PTE scholarship, you have to do these steps -:



  • Get Good Scores in the PTE Exam.
  • Select a scholarship that suits you.
  • Fill out the required application form for that scholarship.
  • Submit the required documents for the scholarship.
  • If you have some achievements, then attach them with your documents to increase your chance of getting a scholarship.
  • Please write an essay or submit a resume to the scholarship authority to prove why you are a deserving candidate for a scholarship.

Bonus Points:

Sometimes you get such a scholarship that only manages your college fees and does not provide any type of facility for your living expenses.

In that case, you have to plan your strategy to manage your living expenses.

For this, you can either do a part-time job or can join an internship; by this, you can earn some money to manage your expenses to study abroad.

I have a full detailed blog about studying abroad for free; you can read that blog for more help.

Tips for PTE Exam Preparation

Here are some tips for you, that will help you to improve your PTE scores a lot.



PTE Exam Tips
To get good scores, the first step you have to take is to create a strategy; in this strategy, you have to plan how you are going to study and what steps you are going to take.
Start practising daily; practice is the key to success; the more you will practice, the more chances you will have to get good scores.
Practice in a noisy place; you will not get a quiet environment during your exam; there will be the noise of other students who are giving their tests, so to tackle this problem, start practising in a noisy place.
When you start practising, you will get complete information about your strong and weak points, pay more attention to your weak points than your strong points.
During your practice, start preparing notes. These notes will help you to do last time revision when there will be only a few days left for your exam.
Vocabulary is one of the essential factors if you want to improve your scores, so work on it and try to strengthen it as much as you can.

How to do Pte Practice?

The most important tip that someone will ever share with you to get good scores in PTE is that you should practice.

I also told you to do so.

But the question is how you should practice it; many students do not know the steps that they have to do to practice PTE effectively.

So, let me guide you in how you can do this.

Most of the tips that I will share in this section are such tips that can be used even if you are preparing for your PTE exam from home.



So, if you are preparing for the PTE exam from your home, then these tips will work as a boon for you:

  • The first step that you can take to practice your PTE is to join a coaching centre or classes; they will provide you with some mock tests which you can use to practice.
  • You can also get help from the internet; if you do not want to join a coaching centre or class, you can check for the mock tests online.
  • Analyze the PTE exam format and then prepare your own test. It is a complicated step, but you can do that.
  • You can use lectures of the British and American people to get used to the accent of those people; it will help you in your listening test of PTE.
  • Install an app regarding the PTE quiz; you can use this app in your free time to answer some quizzes related to the PTE exam.
  • When there are some days left in your PTE exam, start rehearsing for it, attempt some complete mock tests and follow all the rules and regulations you have to follow during your exam.

This is the way by which you can practice PTE.

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PTE Score Chart

Here is the PTE score chart With the help of this you will be able to see the level of your Excellence.

PTE Academic Score Level of Excellence
30 – 36 Limited
36 – 43 Modest
43 – 50 Modest
50 – 58 Competent
58 – 65 Competent
65 – 79 Good
79 – 86 Very Good
86 – 90 Expert

Information about Pte Score Card

Pte scorecard is a report which the candidate got for their result.



In this report, they provide the candidate with a complete description of their scores; this report looks like this:

There is a personal information section in the above section of this scorecard.

There will be a photo and some personal information about the candidate in this section.

On the right side of the scorecard, candidates can see their overall scores.

Below the personal information, there will be a section for overall scores; this section shows the scores of candidates for each test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.



After this section, there is a skills breakdown section at the bottom left of the scorecard.

In the skills breakdown section, the candidate can check their scores in a better way.

There are factors like grammar, spelling, pronunciation on which basis candidates can check their scores.

The skills breakdown section is not that important; your university, college or student visa does not approve you on the basis of these points.

This section is purely designed for the candidate to check their scores effectively and check the field where they are lacking.



At the right bottom side of the scorecard, they will provide you with test centre information like your test date, valid until, issue date.

And below this section, you will again get some information regarding the candidate information.

What is the PTE Exam Fee?

The fee for the PTE academic is Rs. 13,300/; this price will be applicable for you only if you have booked your slot at least 14 days in advance.

The late registration fee for this exam is Rs. 695.

If you decide to change your appointment date before 14 days of the exam, then you can change it without paying any extra fees.



And if you want to change it between 7 to 14 days before the test, then you have to pay 50% extra fees than the original test fees.

You can even cancel your exam.

If you have to cancel your exam before 14 days, you will get a full refund of your pte exam, and if you do it in between 7 to 14 days, you will get a 50% refund of the exam fees.

And if you cancel the exam between 7 days before the exam, you will not get any type of refund.

So, this is the all about PTE exam fees that I want to share with you.



Best Books For PTE Exam Preparation

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic
  • Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2
  • PTE Academic Practice Test Plus – Volume 1 and 2
  • Wiley’s PTE Advantage For The Academic Module (WIND)
  • PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2021
  • Bonus: The PTE Academic Official Preparation App

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Summary Pearson Language Tests is a unit of the Pearson PLC group, dedicated to assessing and validating the English language usage of non-native English speakers. The tests include the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), the PTE General (formerly known as London Tests of English), and PTE Young Learners. These are scenario-based exams, accredited by the QCA and Ofqual, and are administered in association with Edexcel, the world's largest academic examining body. In 2009, Pearson Language Tests created the Pearson Test of English Academic (Ref.) under endorsement from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the organization responsible for the GMAT. The test is scored under CEFR guidelines, and is administered through the Pearson Virtual User Environment.

Focus on Topic
Use of Multimedia
Level of Research
Academic Assessment
Contemporary Need in Coming Years
Overall Quality Index

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