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Psychometric Tests For Recruitment

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Recruitment tests are often used by employers as part of the selection process. They can also help you identify your strengths and abilities, and assess your suitability for particular careers or occupations. These are sometimes known as psychometric, aptitude, cognitive, ability or intelligence tests. The most common tests assess your abilities in the areas of verbal and numerical reasoning. Abstract or diagrammatic reasoning tests may also be used to assess your logic and visual thinking skills. Recruitment tests are also termed as “Pre-employment tests” or “candidate aptitude test”. A candidate aptitude test, or employment aptitude test, is part of a systematic approach to test the ability of a potential hire during the pre-employment assessment stage. This test helps to assess whether the candidate can perform specific required tasks as well as gauge the candidate’s reactions to more diverse situations. This enables a standardized method for evaluating and scoring a candidate’s skills, with quantified results for comparison against other applicants.

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Psychometric Test For Recruitment


Summary Psychometric testing is a standardised and scientific method designed to objectively assess a candidate's suitability for a particular role based on their cognitive capability and personality—traits, which can be difficult to assess during a standard interview.

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